Some activities in My Son Sanctuary


My Son Sanctuary is a monument complex of Cham Pa temple in Duy Phu Commune, Duy Xuyen district, Quang Nam province. The sanctuary distances itself from Tra Kieu 20 km to the west, Hoi An 45 km to the west, from Da Nang 68 km to the southwest and Hue 145 km to the south. The area is located in a valley which is about 2 km in diameter, surrounded by mountains. This was the place where ceremonies are held as well as the area of the royal family tombs, the national pride of the ancient Cham dynasty. In 1999, the site of Vietnam’s My Son ruins recognized by UNESCO as World Cultural Heritage.

Tickets price to visit My Son Sanctuary

Foreigner: 150,000 VND (including entrance fees and services).

Vietnam: 100.000 VND (including entrance fee and service fee).

Some must-joined activities in My Son Sanctuary:

Kate Festival

If you arrive right at the Kate festival at My Son the Holy Land, the trip will be much more enjoyable and fulfilling. You will have a chance to witness the opening of the festival is the Cham religious leaders perform ritual prayers at the tower in accordance with the traditions that have been handed down so far. Many other traditional rituals were performed in the form of dress, Kate, etc. There are still many art exchanging performances, Cham musical performances, Cham dancing performances of the gorgeous Cham dancers. The festival is an opportunity for indigenous people and visitors in and out of the country to visit to gain insights into this place as well as contribute to the maintenance and protection of technological pure values of the art of ancient Cham culture.

Thousand-thousand-year-old street in My Son Holy Land

The road was discovered by Indian experts during the excavation and meditation of K tower located in the core area of the World Cultural Heritage My Son Sanctuary. Up to 8 meters, the road is led by two parallel walls, the depth of which the road was buried is nearly 1 meter in the ground. The ancient route at the World Cultural Heritage My Son has just been revealed that it has a head at the foot of the tower K, also known as the Gate Tower, and the endpoint cannot be determined. According to the documents recorded, this is the first gateway that the kings, members of the royal family, the noblest dignitaries of the Champa can go to the central temples to pray for the gods and organize the ceremony. After excavating, the experts have great amazement of the magnificence of this road with extremely beautifully adorned wall systems, very characteristic materials such as earthenware and special admixtures for building erection also discovered. This interesting discovery has enriched the ancient, architectural, cultural and artistic values that ancient people created in the whole population.

Fanciful Apsara dances

Inspired by the Apsara statue (statue of Yang Naitri) in reliefs or statues of sandstone, transformed from rock to smooth and soft dance than ever before, showing the beauty of the perfect beautiful curve of the female. The Apsara dances are performed at public art shows and even professional stage. In all the cultural events in Quang Nam in general or in My Son Holy Land in particular, in the Kate Festival you will witness the fanatical dance – this fascinating “soul of rock” dance makes you feel like being in the ancient Cham culture with the image of pretty female dancers, with rounded breasts and charms in glittering costumes. Together they twinkling in Paranung drums and Sarainai horn, dances will be more beautiful and flexible that will make you passionate.

This place not only preserves the ancient vestiges of a culture but also contains historical, cultural, architectural and unique values. If you go to Quang Nam remember not to miss this World Cultural Heritage of the My Son Holy. This place has attracted a large number of visitors in and out of the country to come and visit. The visitors can not only stop to explore the My Son Sanctuary but also visit other tourist destinations such as Tra Kieu Church, Sa Huynh – Champa the cultural museum, etc.


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