Cua Dai Beach


Cua Dai is a Hoi An tourist destination, an ideal resort with fully equipped resort built into an environmentally friendly system.

The climate here is tropical monsoon climate with relatively high temperature and the influence of cold winter wind. The rainy season starts from February until the end of August, while the dry season lasts from September to January. So if you intend to go on holiday, you should choose to go in the rainy season, fresh weather and high temperature dry, it’s suitable for fun activities, visit animals.

At Cua Dai Beach you will be immediately impressed by the white sand. Stepping on the smooth and soft sand feels like step by step to paradise. Taking a look far from the beach, you will see the palm trees covering over the shore, from which you can enjoy the view of the sea.

Walking on the seaside in the early morning to see the sunrise, the natural scenery is great, the sea breeze blow from the sea to make the fresh air in the morning. Lying on the beach under the nice sky when the sunshine is not so bright in the early morning will give people an incredible sense of calm and pleasant.

In the late afternoon, you can swim to the beach without worrying about sunburn. The saltiness of the sea somewhat makes the landscape more romantic and beautiful, from the crimson sun to the sound of the wind. It feels like you’ve been familiar with the scene for a long time.

The long sandy beach is the favorite place to take place of many sports activities. The laughing of the players, the cheering of the spectator make the atmosphere more exciting, bustling. All tired thoughts vanished, only laughter left on the beach.

This place is also very poetic, decorated with many plants, flowers and grass creating green space close to nature. Early in the morning, from the open windows overlooking the sea scene is really impressive experiences. White clouds silhouette against the blue sky, grass, and flowers shudder as the wind blows from the sea, the silver waves hit the shore. Sea waves here are quite strong, there is a time when the coast is eroded, the sand is rolled up and landslide in the underlying rock.

From the windows of a house overlooking the Cua Dai, you can admire the whole scene of life here. From the first rays of sunshine, the image of a sailboat gradually appears, signaling the boat of the fishermen coming to shore. The rhythm of life began on the wharf, under the boat, the white fish glittering silver, etc.

If you notice that you will see the sea water in Cua Dai change depending on the time of day. In the early morning, the water is dark blue, the deep blue of the vast ocean. In the afternoon, the sea water turned to the blue jade which is extremely charming and mysterious. People often compare sea color Cua Dai to the girl’s temperament, change quickly that could be hard to understand.

Cua Dai sea fish is plentiful, you just need to prepare a fishing rod and waiting for the fish. There are many kinds of strange fish that you can never meet anywhere else such as Hong fish, Hanh fish, Dia fish, sardines, etc. You can go fishing on the shore or of course fishing in the middle of the sea too. Fishing experience in Cua Dai is sure to leave you unforgettable memories.

Cua Dai Hoi An beach has become an ideal place for couples to go on holiday,  not only because of the romantic space but also a quality resort system suitable for couples. Cua Dai Beach left many beautiful impressions in the heart of many tourists with beautiful natural scenery, romantic gentle people and especially the smoothly pace of life.

From Cua Dai Beach you can visit Cu Lao Cham nearby, sitting on the boat overlooking the clear water you can easily see coral reefs in many colors. Cu Lao Cham is a prominent landmark in the midst of the green sea.


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